1st: Our technology and the understanding that our testing give us in helping you with whatever health challenges you may have.

2nd: How we run our practice. Connection Chiropractic has been built from the ground up with the understanding that when chiropractic care is convenient and utilized over long periods of time, people of all ages and levels of health benefit in a variety of ways.

Most chiropractic offices are set up for rigorously scheduled appointments and third-party pay. At Connection Chiropractic, we have streamlined our procedures so that scheduled appointments aren't necessary. We know folks these days have extremely busy lives -- and extra appointments to crowd your calendar are the last thing you need. 

We also understand that many people have insurance benefits that they would like to use. However, there are several aspects of using insurance that actually increase our costs and limit our ability to serve you at our highest ability. First, the administrative costs of taking insurance are substantial. Many offices have to have at least one employee whose sole job is to administrate insurance claims and communicate with insurance companies. Unfortunately, when a person is on the phone the whole day, they can't contribute to making your experience in our office better.